Dentists offer free fillings for the cash-strapped

09:56, Aug 01 2014
Dr Annette and Dr Henk Eksteen
FROM THE HEART: Annette Eksteen and Dr Henk Eksteen at Old Villa Dental, where they plan to perform 100 free procedures in a day.

A Hamilton husband and wife dentist team hope to put smiles back on 100 deserving faces.

Dentistry From the Heart is an initiative by Henk and Annette Eksteen, who set up their clinic Old Villa Dental on Grey St about 15 years ago.

The plan is to provide dental work to 100 people in one day, on September 19. Patients will be put forward by the Salvation Army, others will be nominated via Facebook, while some will be able to walk in on the day.

The event will be for basic procedures, including fillings, extractions and hygiene work, Annette Eksteen said, but it won't be a "day for cosmetics".

The couple are hoping other dental professionals will join the initiative, while other to show support already included Rotary, Arise Church and the Waikato Chamber of Commerce.

"We're getting the right kind of people involved," said Annette Eksteen.


The couple say they have always offered "a bit of freebie work" in the past.

Annette Eksteen said the idea of Dentistry From the Heart is to provide treatment to people who most need dental care.

"There are people that really deserve it. We want to get those people through the door.

"I want to make it possible for people like single mums."

Annette Eksteen wants Dentistry From the Heart to be an annual event, and hopes to be able to do 600 free procedures next year once the Eksteens' new practice is open in North Hamilton.

The inaugural event will be held at the Old Villa Dental on Grey St, near Hamilton Gardens. 

The Facebook page for nominations can be found here.

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