Repeated indecent acts lead to jail

A Hamilton man has been cut off from his family after admitting indecency charges which included peeping through a hole in a women's toilet.

Dylan Francis Drawbridge, 26, has also been jailed for five months. He was sentenced in the Hamilton District Court on Friday on three charges of performing an indecent act, theft and breaching bail.

The court heard that on June 19 last year, Drawbridge was in the female public toilets in Hamilton's K-Mart shopping centre, peeping through holes that had been drilled in one of the cubicles.

Inside was a mother dressing her young child. Drawbridge was seen by the pair and police alerted.

Earlier, at Hamilton Lake on April 1, Drawbridge approached a parent and a child and appeared to be masturbating with his genitals exposed.

He was involved in a similar incident on June 10. He told police that he was simply scratching his genitals.

On August 18, 2013, he stole an external drive valued at $100 that had been left on a seat.

Drawbridge's counsel Rob Weir said the only reason a pre-sentence report had recommended his client be jailed was because he had "lost the support of his family and that meant that he has no fixed abode".

Weir said Drawbridge needed help, not only in regard to his offending but sorting out his life.

"He really needs help, with everything, life in general. In terms of this specific offending he needs professional help in relation to that.

"I conclude by saying a term of prison wouldn't help anybody in these circumstances," Weir said.

But Judge Merelina Burnett disagreed, saying she was concerned Drawbridge's offending could escalate.

She accepted that he did need help, but believed that prison was the only answer.

An indecent act carried a maximum jail term of two years.

Waikato Times