Armed offenders callout in Tokoroa

Reports of suspicious behaviour involving a firearm prompted an AOS callout in Tokoroa this afternoon.

Police are speaking to a number of people from a house in the South Waikato town, although no firearms have been located yet.

At about 11:30am police received a call from someone who had seen three people in a car near Tokoroa pointing what appeared to be a rifle out of the vehicle. 

Shortly afterwards a second caller reported hearing what sounded like a gun shot in the same area. 

Police placed cordons around an area just North of Tokoroa and surrounded a house in Paraonui Road. 

Officers made a phone call to the address, then four people came out of the house and were interviewed by police. 

The cordons have now been removed. At this stage no charges have been laid.

One house down from the scene was neighbour Richard Lawry.

Though Lawry said he did not make the call he heard "yelling and screaming" and then a big bang.

But according to Lawry it did not sounds like a gunshot.

Lawry said a police officer told him to stay inside.

He then reportedly saw the armed offenders squad approach the property.

"About three of them went up my driveway and out the back and then I saw some go through the front door with a dog as well."

Lawry said at around 2:30pm he was informed by police the situation was over and it was "teenagers up to no good."

Waikato Times