Jail after being caught in dad's drug world

22:40, Aug 28 2014

A Bay of Plenty drug dealer whose father, sister, brother-in-law, aunt and uncle are all up on methamphetamine charges has been jailed for 7½ years.

William Macfarlane Jr, 30, appeared in the High Court in Auckland today for sentence on charges of possession and supply of methamphetamine, conspiring to supply meth and a precursor chemical, and conspiracy to rob a fellow drug dealer.

Justice Susan Thomas said Macfarlane's father was serving a 14-year sentence.

Macfarlane Sr was caught bankrolling a methamphetamine cook who was cooking thousands of dollars worth of the drug in a shipping container in Wellsford.

Justice Thomas said Macfarlane Jr's aunt in Rotorua was before the court on methamphetamine charges, his uncle had been recalled to prison and his sister and her husband were serving custodial sentences.

Macfarlane Jr told the court his father had first given him methamphetamine when he was 18.

Drugs were "normalised behaviour" and he became caught up in his father's world and addicted to the drug.


He was caught by police operation Kiev sourcing 140 grams of the drug from Auckland and taking it back to Rotorua in 2012.

Text messages revealed him conspiring to supply the precursor drug iodine and conspiring to rob a drug dealer.

Macfarlane texted a friend that the drug dealer was "pumping it out" and that it was "a good time to hit him".

A firearm was involved but the robbery never occurred as they could not locate the drug dealer.

Justice Thomas said the offending was aggravated by Macfarlane being on an electronically monitored sentence at the time and having recently served a short stint in prison.

She sentenced him to seven years, six months in prison.