Men hospitalised after dinghy capsizes

Two Turangi men were treated for hypothermia after they tipped out of their aluminium dinghy into Lake Taupo yesterday.

Taupo search and rescue Sergeant Mark Bond said police were advised just after 6.30pm yesterday that the pair, both 21, had not returned from a fishing trip after leaving about 2pm.

Police sent the Taupo and Turangi Coastguard Rescue vessels as well as the Taupo Harbourmasters Launch and Youthtown Rescue helicopter to the southern end of Lake Taupo to look for the missing men.

The rescue helicopter found the upturned dinghy about 8.30pm and located the two men about 200 metres from the boat. The men were waving a light source which was able to be seen with the assistance of night vision goggles.

The pair were tipped out about 2km north of the Tongariro delta.  

The Turangi Coastguard was first to the scene and brought the men safely on board taking them to the Tokaanu Marina and an awaiting ambulance. 

Both men were transported to Taupo hospital; one by helicopter and the other by road ambulance.

Apart from hypothermia the pair were otherwise uninjured, Mr Bond said.

Waikato Times