Schools' windfall from exhibition

22:54, Jun 05 2012

Waikato schools - some of which had just one rugby ball to share - have divvied up the spoils from Waikato Museum's award-winning Red Yellow and (All) Black exhibition.

More than one hundred quality rugby balls, a set of goal posts, nets, passing hoops and exercise pads were handed out to the schools this week after the rugby exhibition closed.

Schools had only to write in and say how much they needed the gear, said Acting Director Andy Lowe: ''We have local schools who share one ball and a lot of potential All Blacks who needed the gear to launch their careers,'' he said.

The Red, Yellow and (All) Black exhibition was launched in September to celebrate

the Rugby World Cup and closed in February. Many of the props used in the exhibition were returned to their original owners, recycled or sold on Trade Me.

Seventeen schools were supplied with a range of gear depending on their request.

The following schools have received rugby gear: Goodwood Primary School, Hillcrest Normal School, Kinohaku School, Kiokio School, Matamata School, Matangi School, Ngatea School, Ngutunui School, Ohaupo School, Otewa School, Otorohanga Primary School, Patricia Avenue School, Piripiri School, and Rhode Street School.

The Red, Yellow and (All) Black was awarded the Project Achievement Award: Exhibition Excellence Social History in the Museums Aotearoa National Awards.

The judges described it as, ''by far and away the best of the 2011 rugby exhibitions.''


Waikato Times