Unsubtle pick up line backfires

Romance among our younger generation, it seems, is dead.

Travis Tamehana Walters, 19, yesterday pleaded guilty to charges of intimidation and using indecent language, stemming from a less-than-subtle attempt to woo a young girl.

The amorous teen was riding his bike down Cambridge Rd in Te Awamutu and spied a 15-year-old girl walking home from school.

He approached her from behind and rather than surprise her with flowers or serenade her with a sonnet, he asked whether he could commit an indecent act on her - the details of which are too crude to print.

The girl tried to ignore his advances but eventually declined his request and crossed the road.

Another 400 metres down the street he asked her the same question but the answer was still no.

Walters' crass behaviour was duly reported to police who asked him why he behaved in such a manner.

He explained he was ''searching the street looking for a pretty girl''.

The teenager said he needed a girlfriend and thought his forthright approach was the appropriate way to get one.

Police asked him why he had followed the obviously-distressed girl and asked her the same question twice.

Walters told them he just wanted to check she hadn't changed her mind.

He will be sentenced in the Hamilton District Court next month.

Waikato Times