Quake felt across North Island

LOCATION: Central North Island.
LOCATION: Central North Island.


A magnitude 5.5 earthquake, 10km north east of Taupo, was felt across the Waikato, where the ground rumbled and buildings shook.

GeoNet reported the moderate earthquake, at a depth of 110km, at 12.42pm on Wednesday.

In Taupo the ground shook for about 15 seconds, according to Tanya Hunter’s post on the Waikato Times Facebook page.

Audrey Holyoake, of Taupo, described it as a sharp then long rattle and rumble and Andrea Tarrant, of Taupo, said it was a long gentle shake.

Sean Carroll, in Te Awamutu, felt it ‘‘for a good 15 seconds’’.

Vicki Jones, who was on the 15th floor of the Tower building in the Hamilton central business district, said she most definitely felt it. ‘‘I thought I was having a dizzy turn,’’ she said.

Julie Woollett said he son in law, who works in Farmers, felt the building shake.

Waikato Times staff, used to the rumbling of freight trains on the railway line that runs close to their Te Rapa office, ignored the quake thinking it was a train but leftover Christmas decorations swayed as a reporter was told by police in a phone call that they were taking shelter under their desks at the police station on Bridge St.

The Kopua Holiday Park in Raglan also felt it 

By the time the ground had undulated to Waikino Helen Wilson said it felt like a ‘‘just gentle movement’’.

Michael Steens, in Whakatane, said he felt it as did Kayla Lunam in Wanganui.

There were also reports of the quake in Morrinsville, Gisborne, on the east coast, Papamoa and Tauranga, on the West coast, and Rotorua, in the Central North Island, and Wellington.

This afternoon’s quake is the second to hit the region this week. A magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit at 1.05pm on Monday, at a depth of 195km, 15km south east of Tokoroa.