Cambridge pool may be shelved

23:49, Nov 04 2012

 Waipa District Council may shelve plans for the controversial Cambridge covered swimming pool along with other big ticket items in its 10-year plan as it looks to shave $800,000 from its budget.

It follows months of protests over the council's proposed rates hike.

A report to go before the council's Finance and Corporate Committee on Tuesday  will recommend $800,000 in potential savings be secured and used to offset rates increases over the next thee years.

Consideration will also be given to further review and consultation with the community on "big ticket items" in the council's 10-Year Plan. 

This includes proposals for a new museum and library in Te Awamutu and reviewing the scope and timing of other key projects such as the Cambridge pool project and Victoria Boulevard in Cambridge.

The council has already considered a review of its Revenue and Financing Policy and has moved revaluation of properties in the district forward one year to 2013 in response to those concerns.

The report is recommending the $800,000 be split to "smooth" the impact on rates increases.  This would see the rates requirement reduced by $400,000 next year and $200,000 in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 years.

Applying all of the savings next year could cause a larger rates increase the following year which would be outside the policy limits that the council set in consultation with the community, the report says.

Once considered the committee will make a recommendation to the full council for adoption.

Further consultation with the community will take place during the council's Annual Plan process early next year.