Water restrictions mooted for Waipa

00:10, Nov 05 2012

An increase in water use, particularly in Cambridge, may soon see water restrictions in force across the Waipa District.

 Water Services Manager Lorraine Kendrick said Waipa District Council was keeping a close eye on water use as there had been a marked increase in demand over the past fortnight.

 Following predictions of a long hot summer, the council would take whatever steps necessary to ensure water supply balances demand over the warmer months, she said.

 "During summer, consumption of water rises which is usually associated with non-essential activities such as watering gardens,'' Mrs Kendrick said. ''We need to undertake proactive management of this precious resource throughout the summer period so that we do not run out of water for our community."

If demand continued to rise, it was likely water restrictions would be introduced within the next fortnight, she said.

"Historically water restrictions have come into force on November 1.  Last year we tracked demand to ensure alert levels were activated at the most appropriate time and the same approach is being taken this year," she said.

Once water restrictions were needed they would be advertised in local newspapers, on the council's website www.waipadc.govt.nz and on its Facebook page.