Pig killer admits charges

03:38, Nov 08 2012
Logan Dawson
Logan Dawson

A Hamilton dairy farmer has this morning admitted letting his three pig dogs attack a wild boar before he stabbed it several times, resulting in its slow death.

Logan Joel Dawson, 24, originally faced six charges laid by the SPCA under the Animal Welfare Act: two charges of ill-treating an animal by allowing three dogs to attack it, two charges of encouraging  the dogs to attack the boar and two charges of wilfully ill-treating a boar with the result of dying by stabbing it repeatedly on March 1, 2011.

However, during his second brief appearance in Hamilton District Court in front of a registrar this morning, Dawson intimated he would admit four charges, while the SPCA is expected to withdraw two others at the next hearing in January.

Dawson's counsel Tom Suctliffe said he would also be filing for a discharge without conviction, which will be heard at that hearing.

Dawson filmed the attack on the pig and loaded the video entitled "Pigsty Carnage" on YouTube.

The wild boar had earlier been caught by Dawson and held captive at his Horsham Downs property for several months until the incident last year.

Dawson held the boar by its back legs as the dogs attacked it.

He then stabbed it, causing it to bleed, as the dogs continued to attack before eventually sticking the knife in the pig's throat.

The charges of encouraging the dogs to attack the boar are a first of its kind for the SPCA.