Dare led to robbery

20:30, Nov 14 2012

A Hamilton man says he helped rob a dairy of cigarettes and cash because of a dare.

Prior to his sentencing on a charge of aggravated robbery in Hamilton District Court, Andrew Robert Wilkinson, now 21, had a clean record.

Wilkinson and his co-offender had been drinking on a day in July last year, when a dare was thought up to rob the Tui Dairy, on the corner of Howden St and Heaphy Tce.

The pair disguised their faces, with Wilkinson wearing a backpack and his co-offender armed with a broken beer bottle, and demanded cigarettes from the shop owner. 

They escaped with $139.50 worth of Port Royal tobacco and were caught by police a short time later.

Wilkinson's counsel Charles Bean said his client had got in with the wrong crowd in Hamilton so his family had since moved him to Auckland with them.


Mr Bean said the robbery wasn't premeditated, and was simply a dare that arose out of a drinking and pool playing session in a garage.

"The weapon was a beer bottle, the item the co-offender was drinking out of. It wasn't a great plan, not premeditated ... it was more of a dare and stupidity situation."

Wilkinson hadn't offended while on bail and had also lined up employment in Auckland.

Judge Philip Connell said the robbery had had a sad impact on the dairy owner who was expecting a baby at the time.

They were now fearful that it would happen again.

"You were just a hooded crook when you turned up demanding cash ... and it's hard to see why anybody should be offering you any consideration or sympathy.

"However, he took into account his young age and previously unblemished record and efforts he'd made since the incident and said Wilkinson should avoid jail, handing down a 10 months home detention sentence.

"But if you slip up or make no effort, then I will know. I will get a report as to how you progress and it better be a good one to stop me from getting you back in here."

He also ordered Wilkinson to pay $500 emotional harm reparation.