Budding engineers put to the test

22:07, Nov 14 2012
Wintec Scrap Art
CROCODILES ROCK: The croc was the winner on the day when these boys crafted him for the 2012 Wintec Scrap Art Challenge. L-R Tasau Tarosa, Dave O’Neil, Matthew Keeley and Logan Moore.

Dozens of budding engineers gathered at the Wintec Avalon Campus to have their manufacturing and artistic talents judged in the 2012 Wintec Scrap Art Challenge. 

Wintec's School of Trades hosted the annual challenge in which 30 Wintec students formed teams and attempted to create something spectacular from metallic scrap from everyday items such as car parts, dishwashers, washing machines and stoves . 

Competitors were given just over five hours to come up with and create a work of art from the scrap.

After a hard day welding, screwing, hammering and fastening, the artworks were judged by Silver Fern Casey Williams, Wintec CFO Paul Holloway and Wintec academic developer Mike Crossan.  

Entries featured a helicopter, a bug, a merry-go-round and a netball hoop - complete with a television-headed player as a tribute to the popular netballer judge. 

But the competition was taken out by the four young men who turned corrugated iron, parts from a mini-bike, bolt, nuts and other miscellaneous metals into a life-size crocodile. 

Winning team member Logan Moore, 17, said the hardest thing to work with was the corrugated iron ''because you can't really weld it.''

The winning team received $1000 in prize money.