Boy stuck in seatbelt rescued

21:39, Nov 19 2012

A rescue operation was launched last night to save a young boy who was trapped in a car seatbelt.

The fire service was called to a house on Waerenga Rd, Te Kauwhata at about 8.30pm, after receiving a call about a young boy who was ''tangled and stuck'' in his seatbelt.

The safety conscious eight-year-old managed to buckle himself in, but when he tried to get out, something wasn't right.

The buckle wouldn't budge.

He was trapped, and he panicked.

''Apparently the child was quite worked up and upset,'' fire service spokesman Jaron Phillips said. ''The seatbelt wouldn't release.''

Attempts to wriggle out failed, so the boy's mum called the fire service for help.

One Te Kauwhata fire crew attended and freed the boy from the car.

Mr Phillips said he believed they had to cut the seatbelt to get the boy out.