Waiting game nearly over for 'Big Dane'

22:00, Nov 30 2012
Dane Moeke
Waiting game: Hamilton’s Dane Moeke is a finalist in New Zealand’s Got Talent. The winner will be announced tomorrow night. Photo: Bruce Mercer/ Fairfax NZ

It's been a long journey for Hamilton's ''Big Dane'' Moeke, but come tomorrow it's curtains on the New Zealand's Got Talent stage with the rising star just looking forward to a Christmas break.

The results of the grand finale being announced tomorrow, with $100,000 and a new car are up for grabs.But for now it's the waiting game again.

''Whether I win or lose I know for sure that I'll be going on a holiday, whether it's overseas or just to the Mount [Maunganui]. I think it's just the pressure and the tiredness.

I was awake for 18 hours up until the point I performed, so very long, hectic days,'' Moeke said.

But the 22-year-old is already experiencing life as if he has won, signing autographs, playing functions and super sleuthing his way through the supermarket aisles to avoid fans.

'It's really quite funny. I try and time everything so I go either just when [the store] opens or just before it closes, and I'm ducking around so people don't really see me. It's been quite 'Mission Impossible'. Signing autographs and taking pictures - its quite a surreal feeling.''


Between the show, looking after his ill mother and looking after himself, Moeke's Screen and Media studies have taken a back seat and may be on hold indefinitely.But he still has his sights set on a career in entertainment. 

He has already performed at one function and is booked to sing at the Temple View lights opening night, and despite being unsure of a win on Sunday he said he now has the confidence and support to carry on either way.

''I'm pretty 50/50 at the moment. I was pretty impressed with the calibre and the quality of the talent. I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see.

''But in the last six months, I think I've strengthened friendships and family relationships and even myself, when it comes to outside criticism from everybody else - I just don't really worry about it anymore.''

- The final results show airs Sunday, 7.30pm on TV1.