Jail for serial burglar

04:01, Dec 07 2012

A 24-year-old man has been jailed after breaking into five Hamilton homes.

Levi Rawiri Anderson, was also convicted of six  charges of receiving stolen property and two theft charges in the Hamilton District Court today.

Anderson broke into a Wilson St house on January 29, stealing a large amount of property including televisions, laptops, cash, clothing, toiletries, jewellery and a valuable watch collection worth about $6000.

The occupant was asleep when Anderson broke into their Opoia Rd house and vehicle, stealing cash, sunglasses, laptop, phone and other items worth $2880.

Overnight on February 5, Anderson broke into a Carrington Ave property ransacking the house stealing $3000 worth of property including cans of food, meat from the fridge and freezer, DVD player and mountain bike.

The occupant of a Cameron Rd house was also asleep when Anderson broke in during the early hours of February 24 taking $1750 worth of property.


Anderson used a ladder found outside a Myrtle St house to climb through a washroom window while the owner was asleep overnight February 29. He took items worth $300.
During the early hours of May 19, Anderson was tracked by a police dog after committing a burglary  in

Hamilton East.
Police later searched Anderson’s home where they found a large number of stolen items.

The total amount of stolen items were worth about $11,000.
Anderson’s lawyer Gerard Walsh said he realised jail would be the only option, but he was remorseful and motivated to change his life.

Judge Merelina Burnett said Anderson’s pre-sentence report was not positive, however ‘‘under the circumstances, one would not expect it to be’’.

‘‘It’s not possible in my view of getting your sentence down to home detention and I don’t spend any time in relation to that ... home detention would not go anywhere near a proper response to this level of offending.’’
Anderson was sentenced to three years’ and four months’ jail and ordered to pay reparation of $3348.45.

Waikato Times