Lax security annoys police

Waikato Police are frustrated that people's lack of security conciousness is all but welcoming the grinches in to steal Christmas - and anything else they can get their hands on. 

Residents' failure to take even basic security measures are making it tough for the police to follow-up burglary complaints, Hamilton's tactical coordinator, Senior Sergeant Freda Grace, said.

On Sunday morning, a man left his sliding front door unlocked so his partner could get back in later, but was woken instead by two men in his lounge.

"The offenders made off with a hamper and other assorted Christmas presents which will now have to be replaced,'' she said.

''While a person has every right to expect to be safe in their home, unfortunately burglars don't subscribe to the same levels of decency and prey on the rest of the community.'

'Even if your house is secure, something like leaving your presents under the tree could still be inviting danger. 

On Saturday, a holiday home in Waihi Beach was broken into and thieves made off with a TV, and the kids' Christmas presents. 

''While the theft of children's presents is viewed by police as a particularly callous crime, only two weeks ago we did warn people of the risks of leaving gifts in plain view which does attract burglars.'

'Ms Grace said it was a ''sad reflection on society'' that people had to err on the side of caution at Christmas, but it was necessary.

 She said people should also be cautious how they dispose of their rubbish after Christmas day.

"Criminals...can get an itemised list of what goodies are available when you go out. We're asking people to consider taking their boxes and wrappers to the cardboard recyclers or the dump to reduce the risk."