Stepdad admits assaulting daughter

00:35, Jan 22 2013

The Hamilton stepfather of a six-year-old girl he indecently assaulted handed himself into police after being questioned over the allegations.

The man, who's identity remains suppressed to protect the victim, handed himself into police in October last year to admit that he had molested his stepdaughter.

The man - aged in his 20s - admitted touching his stepdaughter's inappropriately, three times above clothing and three times on the skin while she bathed.

It was only when the victim engaged in some "behaviour" with another child that she was questioned and the offending revealed.

The man admitted what he had done to the girl's mother - his partner to which he also had children - and then voluntarily went to police and was charged.

During sentencing in the Hamilton District Court last week, the man's lawyer Mike Curran said his client also immediately removed himself from the family home.


There was no pressure from the family to do that, or hand himself into police, he said.

He was extremely remorseful and willing to give up his full time job if a jail term was felt the appropriate penalty.

The victim's mother said there was yet to be any visible signs of trauma from the incidents.

However, Judge Phillip Connell said the courts knew that it was rare for victims not to suffer in some way, at some stage.

He gave the man the maximum credit for his early guilty plea and co-operation and confession, and came to an end result of ten months' home detention.

The man was also given a first strike warning for it being a qualifying violent offence.