Serious crash near Hamilton

22:34, Jan 22 2013
 Gordonton crash
Crash damage: The driver of this vehicle suffered serious injuries in a road smash between Gordonton and Taupiri this morning.

Texting while driving is one line of inquiry police will investigate after a serious crash outside Hamilton this morning.

The smash occurred between two cars on Gordonton Rd near Taupiri at about 6.30am.

The more seriously damaged vehicle received the full force on the driver's door and solo male driver suffered serious injuries and was transported to Waikato Hospital.

The impact snapped his femur and the compound fracture is understood to have been so severe that the bone was protruding through his skin.

Retiree Allan Fox was lying awake in bed when he heard ''that awful screeching noise'' beyond the roadside shelter-belt.

He initially thought one car was involved because the lone woman driving the Peugeot hatchback had careened down the road and knocked over his letterbox.


There were ''cars and people everywhere'' on the road as it's a busy time of day on the popular route into Hamilton.

The injured male driver came to rest hard up against Mr Fox's electric fence so the power had to be cut before Chartwell Fire Station staff could extract the man.

When police arrived they were faced with nearly 100 metres of debris stretching south along the western lane from the impact point.

Traffic was down to one lane for two hours as police surveyed skid marks and debris.

Speaking at the scene, senior sergeant Rupert Friend, of Huntly Police, said it wasn't immediately clear what occurred.

''There's been a two car accident where one of the cars has crossed the centre line. The cars have collected each other on the side causing both vehicles to spin out off the road.''

They didn't know which vehicle crossed the centre line.

''Both [cars] have got wheel assemblies that have totally disintegrated so there's debris everywhere and it's a matter of trying to figure out which side of the centre line the impact was.''

Witness interviews and the scene examination should determine who was at fault and what exactly happened, Mr Friend said.

Blood samples were taken from both solo drivers and the police will investigate whether the use of a mobile phone was a contributing factor.