Cyclist suffers head injury

A cyclist suffered a head injury and broken ribs after being hit by a vehicle on one of Hamilton's main roads.

The man is believed to have swayed into a lane of traffic before being hit by a people-mover, heading south on Avalon Dr - SH1 bypass about 50m north of Wintec - just after 4pm yesterday.

The crash caused delays for southbound motorists who were diverted for several hours as emergency services cleared the scene.

One of those first on the scene was members of the Chartwell Fire Brigade who came across the collision as it was returning from an earlier call out.

Firefighters carried out CPR on the injured cyclist until St John Ambulance arrived at the scene.

Senior Sergeant Andrew O'Reilly said it looked as though the cyclist had passed into the lane, "and just got hit by the first car that came along".

The man suffered a head injury, multiple lacerations and a couple of broken ribs but was in a stable condition.

He said it was unclear who was at fault, but police were carrying out interviews with the driver and multiple witnesses at the scene.

Mr O'Reilly said there will be major traffic diversions until about 7pm as they clear the scene.

The impact of the crash saw the left front side of the van dented, and its windscreen cracked.