Latest sculpture no cost to ratepayers

00:48, Jan 30 2013
Lonnie Hutchinson
Artist and work: Lonnie Hutchinson with her sculpture that will soon adorn Hamilton’s urban landscape.

A select audience got up close and personal with Hamilton's latest and as yet unfinished sculpture yesterday.

''Arc'', as it's currently known, is under construction at Jensen Steel Fabricators in Mount Maunganui and it's due to be unveiled and gifted to the city in April.

Philanthropic arts group Mesh is behind the work and it comes at no cost to the ratepayer.

Auckland artist Lonnie Hutchinson designed it and she was at yesterday's visit alongside Mesh members.

''When I walked in it was amazing,'' she said on the phone from Wellington.

''It's not all together. It's nearly completed but you definitely see it coming to life. It's actually being abe to touch it. And it's quite big.''


Ms Hutchinson even picked up a memento.

''I took my own bit of steel, one of the offcuts. I had to. It's like my souvenir at the moment. It's like my connection to the the work. A physical connection. I've never worked in corten steel before so this is very important.''

''Arc'' is too literal a name for Ms Hutchinson and she's in the process of whittling down her wealth of ideas to a final title.

But they're funny things, she says.

''Sometimes it's really hard and other times the work has a title before it even starts.

''I'm thinking maybe something more poetic. Something that might allude to the form, but probably based more in the concept.''

That concept has been described by Ms Hutchinson as an anchor or beauty spot that forms a gateway or waharoa and speaks to the Maori ancestry of the Lake Domain in a contemporary way.

It will be located on the corner of Ruakiwi Rd and Pembroke St beside lake Rotoroa.