Here comes the sun - again

22:20, Feb 03 2013

Do not get too attached to the sound of rain falling on rooftops across the Waikato because more hot sunshine is on its way.

After weeks of parched weather today's rainfall appeared to signal an end to Hamilton's very own heat-dome, but the 10-day forecast shows rain clearing on Tuesday with a top of 24 degrees Celcius.

And on Wednesday that all-too familiar yellow sunshine bounces back onto the MetService's forecast for Hamilton, with clear skies and temperatures in the mid-20s stretching into next week

Waitangi Day will be sunny with a top of 23C and an overnight low of 9C.

This weekend will see the hottest temperatures, with highs of 26C predicted for Saturday and Sunday.

The forecast is bad news for the region's farmers, who will be nervously watching water levels and hoping grass paddocks survive the dry weather.

The Hamilton City Council will also be keeping a watchful eye on the weather radar, with officials poised to rein in water use more tightly as consumption across the city keeps climbing.

The city is already on level two restrictions, with sprinkler systems are permitted only between 6-8am and 6-8pm on alternate days only.

The same restrictions apply for the Waikato Regional district.

Sweltering temperatures and dry winds have already pushed the Waipa District Council to level three water restrictions week, with a total ban on all domestic sprinkler use - only hand-held hosing is permitted.