Stay of execution for Jimbo

01:24, Feb 20 2013

Just when you thought it was over, Jimbo the death row dog is still alive, his owner still kicking and yet another appeal is on the cards.

The South Waikato District Council has been fighting through the courts to have the dog, which they say is dangerous, put down after he attacked two rabbits and later another dog in the pound. 

Late last month, Jimbo's owner Carolyn King lost an appeal at the Tokoroa District Court after Judge Chris McGuire found the evidence against the american staffordshire terrier "overwhelming".

In his ruling he slammed Mrs King as being "deluded" and ordered for the dog to be destroyed, as well as for Mrs King pay $2000 towards Jimbo's maintenance costs.

It was thought then that the case which has taken more than two years and and many thousands of dollars was finally over, and Jimbo would be destroyed.

However Mrs King has since sought new legal representation and filed a third appeal, which she said was only because she was not allowed to have the dog independently assessed. 

COSTLY CANINE: Jimbo, pictured here with owner Carolyn King, is to be put down after a legal fight costing ratepayers at least $76,000.
OWNER APPEALS: Jimbo's owner has filed a another appeal.

"I don't believe that he is a danger, and I wanted to get him assessed by a specialist, just for my own piece of mind, and they refused."

The saga is due to continue in court on March 14


Carolyn King with her American Staffordshire terrier Jimbo.
Carolyn King with her American Staffordshire terrier Jimbo.