'You knocked on the wrong door sweetheart'

Paeroa police are seeking the public's help in tracking down what appears to be a cheeky thief who allegedly stole a set of number plates used in a petrol station drive off.

Baillee Snodgrass posted a video of the alleged incident, captured on a security camera, on Facebook.

It was also shared on the Otorohanga Police Facebook page.

The video shows an orange ute pulling into a driveway.

A woman wearing a grey top and pants with dark sunglasses gets out and walks up to the house.

''At [approximately] 9.15am on Monday the 18th February they saw Mum leave, came down the drive and knocked on the door to check no-one was home. 

Snodgrass alleges the numebrplates were then stolen off a car parked on the back lawn and were used in the theft of petrol from Mobil Paeroa.

''You knocked on the wrong door sweetheart,'' the Facebook post says.

Paeroa police have yet to locate the woman in the video, a spokeswoman said.

Ben Parsonage of Otorohanga Police said a ''nice drink of tea'' awaits the person who can identify the woman in the film.