Ice-cold boaties rescued on Coromandel

19:48, Dec 30 2013

A pair of ice-cold boaties were rescued from an isolated bay on the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula at 3.30am today after a fishing trip went wrong.

The man and a woman from Te Puru, both in their thirties, motored out from Fletcher Bay in a 10 foot aluminuim dinghy for an evening of fishing between 7pm and 8pm Monday. 

Soon the eight horse power motor cut out and the couple were adrift in a moderate sea.

A strong northwesterly wind and current dragged them two kilometres before they managed to row to shore.

Although the pair had lifejackets on board they were poorly equipt to spend a night out in the open and overnight rain chilled them to the bone.

Mr Litton said they ended up in an isolated location without any sort of communication.


They were stuck until friends raised the alarm with a DoC Ranger from the Fletcher Bay Campground just prior to midnight.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was launched and found the pair cold but uninjured just after 3.30am.  

Mr Litton said they were fortunate to avoid hospitalisation and the situation could have easily ended in tragedy.

They were flown back to Fletcher Bay where there were treated and released back to friends. 

Mr Litton said the rescue is a reminder to anyone taking to the water to make sure you're prepared for anything.  

Making sure your vessel is up to the task and having the right equipment to keep you afloat and raise the alarm if needed are minimums for any boat user, he said.

"Deciding to go fishing with only an hour's daylight in a 10-foot vessel with an equally small motor is asking for trouble in an open sea.''.