Band-mates reunite for Church tribute

01:43, Jan 31 2009

Almost 30 years after their punk band, The Modes broke up, ex-Waiuku College students, Paul Lightfoot and Peter Nebbeling are getting together again to relive their glory days in a one-off gig.

The men have fond memories of playing at Franklin venues such as the Otaua Tavern, and the DB Paerata (now the Counties Inn). Older readers may remember an article previewing the shows in a 1980 edition of the Franklin County News, which read: "The Modes are a likeable group and should be well accepted at both the Otaua Tavern and the DB Paerata alike".

Peter recalls delightedly how he had a full quart bottle of Lion Red thrown at his head on stage at the DB Paerata while his mother watched from the audience. "I've still got the chip on my front tooth," he says.

Peter was the lead vocalist, while Paul played guitar and also sung, and they gigged all over Auckland supporting bands such as Hello Sailor and Th' Dudes.

They will pair up again in September for a tribute show to Australian rock legends, The Church.

"We always wanted to perform together again," says Paul.


"There is always a bit of magic when Paul and I get together to play," says Peter. "So hopefully that magic will come out at our New Zealand gig."

Paul is coming over from Australia especially for the occasion, and the pair hope their family, old friends and other Franklin locals will come along to see them play.

Peter has been doing a solo act called Not the ChurchBut Damn Close in Auckland for a year, but because of the distance he and Paul have been preparing for their duo by recording themselves playing and sending each other the discs across the ditch.

Peter moved over to Sydney after The Modes broke up, and Paul went on to play in other New Zealand bands, culminating with a stint in The Mockers in 1984.

They will play Not the ChurchBut Damn Close at the Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland on September 10.

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