Hamilton East profiles

01:43, Jan 31 2009

The Waikato Times asked election candidates in the region to supply a personal profile for use in the newspaper and online, Here's what offered:

Name: David Bennett
Age: 37
Party: New Zealand National Party
Occupation: Current Member of Parliament for Hamilton East
Partner/Family: Not married

This election is an opportunity to provide a new vision for our country where hard work and enterprise are rewarded. Where we set the right signals and incentives so our people can take advantage of the vibrant region we live in. For Hamilton it is a chance to support and promote our strong education, research, business and community services. We are committed to providing the infrastructure for Hamilton to continue to prosper. Hamilton needs to retain its status as the fourth largest metropolitan area in New Zealand. A growing population is vital to achieving this goal.

Infrastructural investment is required to continue our growth. The key infrastructure issues are around education and transport. We are committed to growing our city so that we take advantage of our strategic location in the North Island. We aim to provide the infrastructure for Hamilton to grow and provide the rewards for such growth.






Name: Carolyn McKenzie
Party: Democrats for social credit

I remember a time when our jails were empty and our schools were full, we had then the world's second highest standard of living and lowest crime rate. Our health care was the envy of the western world. Our agriculture was the most efficient. We need that prosperity again.

The concept upon which our current money system is devised is over three hundred years old. It is not a system for a technological age and nor can it be the mechanism to control a market driven economy.

To fund the prosperity we miss, our government needs to take control of the economy. The Reserve Bank funds local bodies, infrastructure, health, education and welfare choices; at less than 1% administration fee. By cancelling the debt as it gets repaid, we control inflation as well and the money stays in New Zealand. That's how to fund a vision !


Name: Jack Gielen
Age: 54
Party: The Republic of New Zealand Party
Occupation: Community worker
Partner/Family: Not married

Vote wise, Vote Republican. Tick Gielen Hamilton East. Tick Republic of NZ Party. The Republic of New Zealand Party believes all New Zealand citizens are equal. Democracy founded in the common good. We pledge our allegiance not to the monarchy but to the citizens of New Zealand. Power will be balanced between the presidency, the legislature and the supreme court which will protect people's rights under the constitution. Supporting your local Republican candidate will:

1, Reconcile the Treaty, replacing it with a constitution. We are all caretakers of the land and the river belongs to everyone. We are all equal before the law; 2, deliver direct democracy with binding national and local referenda; 3, family restoration redressing family devastation; 4, centrenomics: getting everybody to work together asset protection, business incentive; 5, Greenpac: focusing on maximising alternative energy.

The NZ Republicans have a centrist vision, democracy the way it should be. www.republicans.org.nz



Name: Garry Mallett Age: 47
Party: ACT
Occupation: Owner/Operator of Les Mills World of Fitness
Partner and Family: Alison (wife) and four children - 7-year old twins, one 4-year old & a 1-year old

Give ACT your party vote to slash taxes, get tough on criminals, halt suicidal Emissions Trading Scheme and put parents back in charge of families.




Name: Sue Moroney
Age: 44
Party: Labour
Occupation: Member of Parliament
Partner and Family: Husband, Shane and two primary school-aged chilidren.

As a voter in Hamilton East for 13 years I am delighted to stand for election as the MP for this dynamic, diverse and strategically-poised electorate.

Hamilton East is strategically-poised because it boasts world-class education and research facilities such as the University of Waikato, AgResearch and the Waikato Innovation Park. With a top dairy-producing region on our doorstep, this gives us the ideal position to develop new food technologies at a time of world-wide food shortages.

I have worked for the NZ Nurses' Organisation in Hamilton for 12 years before being elected to Parliament and am committed to constantly improving our public health system. I am also a keen advocate of the need to improve the wages of all New Zealanders.

In my first term of Parliament I ensured the legal right for all to decent breaks at work. I also secured $4m of Government funding for Stage II of the Waikato Innovation Park at Ruakura and $9.8m for the clean-up of Te Aroha's Tui Mine.

I support the establishment of a passenger train service between Hamilton and Auckland and the building of a new state - owned and operated school in Hamilton's North-East

In 2007, I was promoted to Junior Government Whip. I am number 22 on Labour's List.

As a mother of primary school-aged children, I support Labour's focus on helping families and offer my first-hand experiences of the pressures families face.



Name: Robyn Jackson Age: 56
Occupation: Company director
Family: Married to Bert Jackson with a blended family of 5 grown children.

Party: Kiwi Party

Kiwi Party leader Larry Baldock spear-headed the collection of almost 400,000 signatures asking for a referendum on "Should a smack as part of loving parental discipline be a criminal offence in NZ?"

Give your party vote to the Kiwi Party, so that we can become National's coalition partner and force them to abide by the referendum.

Our policies are based on the traditional values on which our nation was built.

The Kiwi Party will restore democracy by holding binding referenda on controversial issues, rebuild a positive marriage culture, and alter the Prostitution Reform Act. We will raise the drinking age to twenty and increase the minimum wage to $15 with an off-setting tax credit to the employer.

We will reduce family tax by income-splitting for couples raising children and take steps to make the purchase of a home affordable at around 4 times the average annual wage.



Name: Rochelle White
Age:  40 
Party: UnitedFuture
Occupation: Director of a construction company and travel broking business.

Partner/Family: Married with two children.  

Rochelle has an extensive background in the tourism and travel industry, she has a diploma in business management and also runs her husbands construction company.  Rochelle has been involved with community groups for many years - including running her local playgroup, kindergarten committee and local school parent forum. 

She along with her husband has been part of charity building projects. She has had a lifelong interest in politics and wants to see the flagship income splitting policy from United Future become legislation.  

This focuses on family with dependent children, which is where the emphasis needs to be met at present.  Households in Hamilton are already being hit hard by economic conditions and price rises. They need sustainable, fair tax cuts to help them survive the economic cold winter coming. United Future is right on the spectrum where Rochelles beliefs and values sit.

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