Bar owners lash door plan

Hamilton bar owners say imposing a one-way door policy would create more work for police and aggro for club door staff.

A move to introduce a one-way door policy in Hamilton would be "hammer blow" to the city's downtown.

Palmers Planet franchisee in liquidation

The franchisee behind Palmers Planet St James has gone into liquidation.

Hamilton's Palmers Planet franchise is the second to go under.

Water made easy in Kenya

Kiwi engineer Kevin Smith will be installing ram pumps - water pumps that don't use electricity - in Kenya following a visit from Dr Cleophas Lagat, governor of Nandi County, Kenya.

Waikato-made water pumps could soon save Kenyan women from back-breaking labour.

Change of guard at First Credit Union

Outgoing First Credit Union general manager, Peter Iles.

Peter Iles, general manager of First Credit Union, will retire after 37 years with the organisation.

100 jobs going at NZ Steel

NZ Steel is battling to make savings demanded by its Australian parent.

Non-unionised workers face cuts as company seeks to save money.

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