Chinese buyers' dominance may be near end

The new Bunnings Grey Lynn which Whillans Realty sold for $37m on a firm yield of 4.98 per cent after competitive ...

The wave of Chinese investment may have peaked but there is still strong international interest in New Zealand property.

Employer fined $57k

The authority said the horticultural company had to pay the hefty fine as a deterrent for other employers

Horticultural company failed to pay seasonal workers properly, or give them employment contracts.

Fast-track housing policy

Special Housing Areas could give council a head start on housing before Peacocke and Rotokauri open up, Mayor Andrew ...

Hamilton City Council has drafted one, but wants to know what the people think.

Fire at chicken plant

Inghams Enterprises, Waitoa.

The small fire required a large response because of chemicals at the site.

Tourism's recruitment crisis video

Dylan Bryant got his big break by completing a five week hospitality course run by Accor Hotels and now works  at ...

Migrant labour is propping up our tourism industry which needs thousands of new workers to service the international visitor boom.

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