Closure of mail centre lamented

21:10, Jul 10 2014
Judi Billcliff
WHERE IS THE POSTMAN? Judi Billcliff is worried her mail-box will be made redundant.

The woman behind a campaign encouraging people to write and post more letters believes New Zealand Post could have done more to keep the Waikato Mail Centre open.

"New Zealand Post needs to get their act together," said Judi Billcliff, who organised Snail Mail Day in June.

"Isn't there anything else they can do - can't they promote letter writing, sending mail? Did they even try hard enough?" ail for the Waikato area will be sorted and sent from Auckland, which may mean a delay in arrival times and fewer delivery days.

"It's just such a shame. For me, I think that it's tragic that those people [NZ Post workers] lose their jobs."

Billcliff, a children's author, said technology, such as email, should work in conjunction with traditional forms of writing letters and not replace them.

"I for one do not receive any bills online. I spend a bit of time on a Sunday going through the mail, it's therapeutic for me," Billcliff said.

Billcliff organised Snail Mail Day in June, when she encouraged people to write and send a letter to friends or family, and said it was a huge success.

"I tried to involve New Zealand Post in that process and they said it would be difficult because of the word snail-mail, as they offered a ‘world-class service' - it wouldn't work they said."

Donna-Lee Biddle is a Wintec journalism student.


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