Sky TV warned

00:42, Jul 06 2012

Sky Television has been let off with a warning from the Commerce Commission after accidentally overcharging more than 2000 customers.

Sky let customers upgrade to one of its premium services for $1 for a month during a promotion earlier this year, offering to donate the $1 to the Starship Foundation.

However, the commission said 2634 subscribers were charged up to $25.

Sky said an investigation found customers who took advantage of the offer by signing up through its automated phone system were overcharged because the system had not been updated with the correct pricing information.

It rectified the error, crediting the customers with $55,990 and paying the correct amount to Starship.

Sky could have faced a maximum $200,000 fine for breaching the Fair Trading Act, but commission competition manager Greg Allan said it decided to issue a warning because it had acted commendably in quickly rectifying the matter.