Perfected Vanilla Porter brewed

02:23, Jul 28 2012
Phil Murray and Greig McGill
BREWING TIME: Phil Murray and Greig McGill of Brewaucracy, taste the new batch of their Bean Counter, a vanilla porter, which they’re taking down to this year’s Beervana festival in Wellington next month.

Hamilton brewers Greig McGill and Phil Murray reckon they've perfected their porter.

It's not ordinary porter, a Vanilla Porter, even.

The pair, of Brewaucracy, first gave it a go last year but have given it, according to the punters they wanted more. And now they have. It will be unveiled at this year's Beervana festival in Wellington on August 17 and 18.

Brewaucracy will be one of three Waikato breweries - which also includes Graeme Mahy's 666 Brewing Company and Shunters Yard Brewing - at this year's festival.

Ninety-five brewers will be on-site along with food from some of Wellington's best restaurants.

Mr McGill would have built up a thirst by then too, as he nears the end of Dry July - a fundraiser for adults with cancer.


It's no mean feat for a man who doesn't think he's been without a beer for more than two days since about 2000 - but that was one of the drivers to try it.

"There was a whole bunch of reasons, I was a bit worried about my health, I couldn't think of the last time I had gone for more than two days without a drink . . . so I could do this and raise money for charity."

As for Beervana, he's no stranger to beer festivals and has attended every Beervana or Brew NZ festival - which it was previously called - since they began.

Mr McGill and Mr Murray have been going only about 15 months but have clocked up a few mean brews in their time. Their first was Punkin Image, an ale made out of roast pumpkin.

"It divided people. We called it the Marmite beer; some people loved it some people hated it."

The Bean Counter followed then was a one-off brew, Honest Labour, a summer blonde ale that was commissioned for a wedding.

The Clockwatcher was next, which he labels a good solid bitter that will please the traditionalist.

Mr McGill said the Clockwatcher and Bean Counter will remain their staple brews but he's hoping to get some Punkin Image bottled.

The pair brew out of Shunters Yard Brewery's premises in Matangi, a match he says fits well as they can share opinions and a few yarns as they perfect their recipes.

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