Dairy data transfer

16:00, Oct 31 2012

A proposal to transfer a database holding "core" dairy herd data from a commercial organisation to an industry good organisation goes to a farmer vote this month and farmers are being urged to have a say.

Livestock Improvement (LIC), a Hamilton-based dairy farmer co-operative company, said a proposal to move management of what is known as "the core database" to Hamilton headquartered DairyNZ would be among resolutions at LIC's annual meeting in Hamilton on November 14.

The database was developed by LIC on behalf of the dairy industry in the 1980s, and contained raw data relating to New Zealand dairy herds.

LIC's Shareholder Council chairwoman Jenny Morrison said farmers should be sure to vote.

"Traditionally, we don't get a high voter turnout but it is important that shareholders take responsibility for their co-operative, and the Shareholder Council is encouraging all shareholders to exercise their rights to vote either electronically or at the annual meeting."

LIC had always been the most logical place for the core database, she said. "But now that we have an industry good body, it is more appropriate to transfer it to a management structure independent of any commercial herd improvement organisation."

Morrison said the transfer would not affect the LIC Database, which contained commercial intellectual property.


Waikato Times