Fonterra's 7 million bone scans

17:31, Nov 09 2012

Dairy company Fonterra will do a record 7 million bone health checks in Asia and the Middle East over the next year.

The Anlene Bone Health Check is a programme run by Fonterra across the region, providing people with free bone scans to help them understand more about their bone health.

Fonterra managing director for the region Mark Wilson said the programme builds on Fonterra's ongoing efforts to help raise awareness about bone health, key to its advanced nutrition strategy in the region.

"Fonterra has been working to raise awareness and generate interest in bone health for more than a decade," Wilson said.

"We initiated our regional Anlene Bone Health Check in 1999 and have provided free bone scans to more than 13 million people in the last five years alone."

According to data analysed from the free Anlene Bone Health Check programme, by the age of 35, one in three people in Asia is classified as at medium-to-high risk of developing osteoporosis.


There is no cure for osteoporosis but Anlene, the only high-calcium milk clinically proven to improve bone health, can play a role in helping prevent its onset, Wilson said.

Since Anlene began sponsoring World Osteoporosis Day, more than 1 million people in the region had been encouraged to take part in mass physical activity events to help highlight the dual role a balanced diet, rich in calcium and protein, and regular weight- bearing exercise played in helping people maintain their bone health, she said.

Anlene is the leading high-calcium milk brand in nine out of 10 markets across Asia and the Middle East.

It is also a leader in China, becoming the No 1 high-calcium milk brand in Shanghai and Guangzhou a year after launch.

Earlier this year the brand sold 1 billion serves in 12 months for the first time.

Fonterra said Asia was characterised by fast-growing, increasingly urban and ageing populations who were living more sedentary lifestyles.

At the same time, people were becoming increasingly affluent, driving interest in health and nutrition.

People were looking to stay fit and active for longer and good bone health was essential in them achieving this goal.

Waikato Times