Waikato escapes Mainzeal fallout

20:20, Feb 07 2013

While sub-contractors across the country are being locked out of Mainzeal construction sites, the Waikato construction industry has come out of the receivership saga relatively unscathed.

Waikato Master Builders Association president Richard Hull said he wasn't aware of many recent Mainzeal projects in Waikato, citing Braemar Hospital as the last major project of which he knew.

In the past few years Mainzeal has been responsible for the construction of the Wintec city campus carpark building, the Wintec House project, the Claudelands Exhibition Hall, Braemar Hospital and work on Rotorua Hospital.

Mr Hull said that although there had been a lull in construction work for a few years, the industry seemed to be picking up and he was optimistic about the future.

"I think it has been challenging times for all construction sectors - whether that's housing, residential alterations and renovations or commercial - but there does seem to be a lot more commercial projects on at the moment and also the residential market is lifting as well.

"All the construction companies seem to have work on at the moment, there's a more consistent workload. We've had three years or so of quiet times so its quite nice to see more activity."

Mr Hull was confident Waikato employees of Mainzeal would be snapped up by other construction companies, who he said were crying out for more labour through the Master Builders network.



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