CBD expansion draws criticism

21:13, Feb 12 2013

A proposal to extend the Hamilton CBD to Opoia under the proposed new district plan is concerning commercial property investment advocate, the Property Council.

The council's Waikato branch has formed a special committee to review the hefty plan, which is now notified.

Council president Rob Dol said the group has been an early participant in talks with the city council over the plan, and some of its feedback has been taken on board by the local authority, and some not.

Dol said the Opoia initiative was intended to increase the number of people living in the CBD and improve the city's connection with the river.

But the new precinct was more likely to draw people away from the existing CBD, creating a further disconnect with the city and increasing infrastructure costs, including the need to build a footbridge, he said.

"An Opoia precinct contradicts the desire for intensification," he said.


Waikato Times