'Buy local' Hauraki council staff told

23:04, Jul 18 2013

Buying locally when possible will become a priority for Hauraki District Council staff, under an economic development action plan for the year ahead.

Ensuring council staff "are aware of the value of purchasing in the district" within policy is one of a raft of goals laid out in the plan, which drives the council's economic development strategy for 2013 recently approved by councillors.

Many of the action plan's formalised goals, such as attracting new business to the district by providing a council case manager for potential business developers, are already being worked on.

Other actions are about to get under way, such as formulating council policies that consider development incentives to encourage economic growth.

Council economic development officer David Fielden said the 2013 economic development strategy sets the overall strategic directions and goals for the district over the next three years under the umbrella of the Hauraki "long-term plan".

The associated action plan gives specific actions to be taken by the council over the next three years, he said.

"The plan is also to be used as a checklist to monitor implementation and progress. It will be reviewed on a monthly basis by [the] council's economic development officers and the economic development sub-committee."

Other initiatives in the action plan include regularly updating the Hauraki community on economic development, working with Maori on economic development opportunities, and investigating the potential of public-private partnerships on specific projects.

A proposed action for next year and 2015 is to develop specific town centre plans with community input to create public spaces that attract people to the Hauraki district. This will include investigating urban design options for Paeroa's town centre.