Expert advises you treat your lawn as a living plant

Understanding what makes a good lawn is a passion for Mark and Linda Amos.
Mike Bain

Understanding what makes a good lawn is a passion for Mark and Linda Amos.

A former Tauranga couple is looking to find richer pastures in Matamata.

Former owners of Tauranga-based Turf Lawn Care, Mark and Linda Amos, found themselves in the unusual situation of being encouraged by their former clients to buy back the business they sold to an Auckland company.

Having moved and made Matamata home, they are keen to establish their business in the district.

Straight up Mark will tell you he is not into mowing anyone's lawns except his own, "that is not what we are about".

Mark worked in the farming industry where pasture management was essential. He has become passionate understanding the nature of grass growth and the outside influences which hold it back.

His passion is fuelled by his wife Linda who gave up her career as an accountant to work alongside of her husband.

They have the ability to simply look at lawn and immediately identify what's wrong with it.

"Maintenance is the key to a good lawn and if you treat it right it will be easier to look after," said Mark.

The couple is big on ensuring grass is treated like any other living plant. The key is to keep lawn healthy with regular watering and feeding.

"Watering is an important part of lawn care but once you understand the reasons why and when to water, it will make a big difference," said Linda.

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Not all grass is the same and the Amos' are adept at consulting on sprays and fertilisers to get the best results in getting rid off "any unwelcome visitors" in the lawn.

Mark's wide base of knowledge is continually enhanced as he researches and seeks advice from seed manufacturers for different areas.

The couple are able to draw up a plan which includes recommendations on sprays and fertilisers.

When it comes to mowing "residents want their lawns scalped" said Mark.

He said he was prepared to assist in upskilling lawn mowing contractors who play a big part in lawn care with some tips about lawn care.

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