Cowain takes regional young farmer title

22:36, Mar 23 2014
young farmer winner
WINNER: Dwayne Cowin took out first place at the Waikato/Bay of Plenty regional young farmers competition.

It was the fourth time that was the charm for three-time runner-up Dwayne Cowin in Saturday's Waikato/Bay of Plenty regional Young Farmer final.

Cowin, 28, took a well deserved and highly aniticpated win by a comfortable 25 point margin from Erica van Reenen.

Reporoa Young Farmers' club member Cowin said it was a relief to finally take the title.

''It's a pretty good feeling [with lots] of work going into it so pretty rewarding to finally get there.''

He said during the day he did not have much of an idea of how he was doing, making the win that much sweeter. 

''[I had a] pretty limited idea, you get a little bit of feedback but not a huge amount and most of it is revealed at the night thing anyway so pays not to worry about it too much during the day.''


His preparation this year was much like any other year, however he said he would be picking up the tempo now in anticipation for the grand final in Christchurch in July. 

''I'll probably just take a little bit to sit down and find out a few weaknesses and find out what is [expected] at the grand final and then talk to people about overcoming those weaknesses.''

Cowin said this will mean focussing on the ''practical stuff'' and also practicing the questions for the night show. Regional convenor Alastair Neville said they were happy with the way the event was received on Taupo's Tongariro North Domain.

''It ran really well we were quite fortunate with the weather and the crowd that came off the streets of Taupo blew us away. It was good to have that support for the contestants it really made the day.'

'''The quality of contestants was really competitive.''We were quite close with the scores and was quite an exciting part of the evening show with the dark horses coming out.'' 

Results: 1st Dwayne Cowin with 197 points, 2nd Erica van Reenen with 172 points, 3rd Bas Nelis with 166 points, 4th Brady Mitchell with 160 points, 5th Fergus King with 132 points, 6th Joshua Cozens with 128 points, 7th place Michael Courtman with 118 points and 8th Thomas Harliwich with 109 points.