Kawhia camping ground up for sale

02:10, Apr 09 2014
Kawhia camping grond
PRIME LAND: Kawhia Beachside S-cape & Harbourview Cottages is at the north end of Kawhia.

A Kawhia camping ground up for sale has a top rating on a well-known travel website, reports Jamie Small . --------------------

Kawhia's waterfront campsite is on the market for the first time in 15 years.

Owner Bronwyn Anderson said the business started in the 50s or 60s.

Bronwyn Anderson and Allan (better known as Snow) Anderson bought the camping ground in 1999. It is now called Kawhia Beachside S-Cape & Harbourview Cottages.

The property - consisting of four freehold land titles - includes camping sites, motel units and backpacker cabins.

Bronwyn Anderson said about 60 per cent of visitors are New Zealanders, and the other 40 per cent come from a wide range of countries.


It is one of three campsites in Kawhia, but it is the only one that fronts on to the water.

"When the tide's in you can go kayaking. When the tide's out you can go to the hot springs at the beach," Anderson said.

"[International visitors] can't believe they can pitch a tent right by the water."

She said the beach is protected, so there is a limit to how much development can happen in the area.

"If it was a more built-up area it wouldn't be so pristine.

"This is not a fast place like Mt Maunganui, but sometimes people just like to come here and chill."

But the slow pace doesn't mean slow business. Anderson said traffic had picked up over the 15 years.

"I think tourism is coming back again . . . We're trading in a different era from when we took over the camp."

The business is rated 4.5 out of 5 from 74 reviews on Tripadvisor.co.nz.

The business includes a five-bedroom home for the operator. The Andersons use one room as an office and one as storage.

There are also five cottages, 10 backpacker cabins and a combination of 24 powered and unpowered campsites.

The current buildings have been built over the past 11 years, the newest being an ablutions block built in 2008.

"Everything's still top standard and it looks new," Anderson said.

The property and business are being sold through a closed tender process.

The current rateable value of the property is $975,000.

LJ Hooker agent Nick Taylor said the business could suit a retired person looking for a certain lifestyle and an income.

"Someone will get a nice modern house and then a campsite, motel, backpackers unit as well," he said.

Another Kawhia campsite, Forest View Motor Camp, is also on the market for a fixed asking price of $670,000.