LIC moves ahead with major restructure

01:43, Apr 11 2014

Fifty eight people will have to apply for their jobs after LIC confirmed it would move ahead with a major restructure.

The genetics co-operative will also be adding 78 new jobs to its team, meaning a net gain in staffing levels of 20.

CEO Wayne McNee spoke to staff about the changes yesterday [Stacey: Thursday], and said they were ''still absorbing it.''

''Clearly, some people don't like going through change and they're anxious about what it means for them individually,'' he said.

''Overall staff are positive about the new strategy.''

The new strategy will see eight roles added in the South Island, and 12 in the North. Five territory managers will be hired to beef up LIC's farmer focus, and numbers will be added to the marketing and sales teams. Another area of focus would be emerging markets ''both internationally and domestically.''


''That would also mean looking at possible acquisitions that fit within the new focus,'' said McNee.

He was hoping to have the changes in place by June. He said no redundancies had been confirmed at this stage.

However, it was possible that at the end of the re-application process some people may not get jobs.

Already four general manager positions had been advertised externally.

The new roles would be advertised internally on Monday.