Review: Leap Motion

Review: Leap Motion

The Leap Motion is a wonderful new hands-off method of controlling a personal computer without all that tedious mucking about with a keyboard and mouse.

Review: Windows Phone 8.1

Podcast fans rejoice. Microsoft New Zealand has begun rolling out free updates to Windows Phone users in New Zealand and it comes with a built-in Podcasts app which is at least as good as Apple's version.

Review: Republic of Gamers G750

If I were going to war, I'd want an Asus Republic of Gamers G750 personal computer by my side.

Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub

Mbeat's Gorilla Power 10 Port 60W USB Charging Hub does away with the need for chunky power adapters.

Review: EOS 70D

REVIEW: Canon recently released the EOS 70D camera, quickly becoming one of the flagships of it's middle of the road prosumer range.

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