Me and my gadget - Samsung S2 smartphone

20:55, May 09 2012
Top-flight technology: Jacqui Barrett and her Samsung Galaxy 2.
Top-flight technology: Jacqui Barrett and her Samsung Galaxy 2.

Jacqui Barrett, managing director of telemarketing company Phonology NZ, has some ideas to make the Samsung S2 smartphone better, she tells Chris Gardner. 

What's your favourite gadget?

I have recently purchased a White Samsung S2 through Digital Mobile, which is the business division for Vodafone.

What do you mainly use it for?

Work: scheduling, email, Google Chat and calling. Personal: texting, calling, banking and Facebook.

What would you change to make it better?


It would be great to easily switch internet off and on so usage can be reserved when possible.

For professional purposes a grammar check would be valuable. The predictive swipe function is great for saving time while texting and emailing. However, it is extremely easy to input an incorrect word. This can be embarrassing and unprofessional. So a spell check and grammar check option would help eliminate some of the undetected errors.

There is a phone alert for notifications, which includes email and text alerts.

It seems there is no way to separate an email alert from a text alert, which can be extremely annoying during days off.

On the whole this phone is everything I need and want. Far superior to any other I have owned.

However, a few tweeks would make it close to perfect.

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