Me & my gadget: Mandi McLeod's HTC tablet

17:00, Jun 06 2012
Mandi McLeod
MY BABY: Farm consultant Mandi McLeod uses her HTC Android tablet for everything.

What's your favourite gadget?

My favourite gadget is my HTC tablet. I use it for everything. I love how I can take a photo of a presenter, record their presentation and use the stylus to make notes. I love it for doing my accounts on the go – otherwise I forget! (It also occupies the nephews and nieces when they stay over so I get a sleep-in – bonus!)

What do you mainly use it for?

Well I also use it as an e-book and find it great when I am researching, such as the latest lit review I had to do as I could cut and paste from textbooks and articles directly, which saved a lot of time and frustration wondering where the reference was! I also Skype on it when I am travelling and have my international colleagues Skype me when I'm on the go. I watch movies on it and look at video clips for work. Sometimes I get sent photos to look at for the SPCA and I can download and comment on them all in one. I can also scribble on them with the pen to point out various bits.

It has an inbuilt GPS which is also great when travelling and I don't need to take my TomTom with me (this is my second fav gadget!) to get around. When I am bored I play this cool game where you get to flick sheep to eat grass and give them coffee to wake up. The screen is amazing. It is smaller than an iPad which means I can put it in my handbag just like a book. And I really really love that it ISN'T an Apple product so I don't have to be a fruit follower!

The Android operating system is so logical that a techno peasant like me can manoeuvre my way around it.


I'm scared that I will get separation anxiety so I take it everywhere.

What would you change to make it better?

Change – I'd love it if it could make my coffee when the alarm goes off in the morning! Actually I'd love a clip-on keyboard to make typing faster and a longer battery life. Also some way for the stylus to clip onto it so it doesn't get lost. Handwriting and dictation to text function – it probably does this but I can't figure out how.

OK. It's lonely now so I have to finish this and go play with it. Read a bedtime story ...

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