App of the week - Quickflix

19:20, Jun 27 2012

Quickflix, by Paul Spain of 

If you love watching movies and TV, then the Quickflix is an app you might appreciate. Netflix is a United States-based movie and TV streaming service that has acquired renown. Though Netflix hasn't launched in the New Zealand market yet, Australian company Quickflix recently started offering a similar service here based on the concepts made famous by Netflix.

With the Quickflix app and a monthly subscription of $9.99, you can watch an unlimited number of TV programmes and movies. The app runs on the newest Sony and Panasonic TVs, Sony PlayStation, iPhone, iPod and iPad. It'll soon be available for other platforms, such as the Xbox 360.

My only gripe is that the quantity and quality of content available from Quickflix is still a long way off what Netflix has to offer. Fortunately, its catalogue is growing every week – and it has pay-per-view movies too at $6.99.


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