Review - LiveAction Camera Remote

Last updated 08:14 26/07/2012
SNAP: LiveAction Camera Remote for iPod touch and iPhone 4.
SNAP: LiveAction Camera Remote for iPod touch and iPhone 4.

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LiveAction Camera Remote for iPod touch and iPhone 4

(Belkin, $47.90)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

The problem with dumping digital cameras in favour of the camera on an all-in-one device like Apple's iPod touch or iPhone 4 is the lack of accessories.

You can't throw on another lens or boost the flash, for example.

But thanks to Belkin, you can now operate the camera remotely using its LiveAction Camera Remote.

It's about the size and shape of a cigarette lighter and takes two supplied AAA batteries.

The top slides out and twists to form a clip-on iPod or iPhone stand which needs to be placed on a flat surface like a table or rock to position the device.

It doesn't just work out of the box.

First the "free" Belkin LiveAction app needs to be downloaded from the Apple Marketplace. I say "free", because you have already paid for it when you bought the LiveAction Camera Remote.

You also need to pair the iPod or iPhone with the LiveAction Camera Remote using Bluetooth wireless technology. To do this, you enable Bluetooth on the iPod or iPhone, under Settings, and search for Bluetooth devices. At the same time, you turn the LiveAction Camera Remote on and press the Pair button.

The first time you pair the iPod or iPhone with the LiveAction Camera Remote, you'll get a "pairing unsuccessful" message.

Press OK, a note in the Belkin Box says, and the device will appear as connected. Strange.

This all took me a few minutes on my iPod touch.

I found the remote's shutter button caused music to play unless I had already launched the Belkin application. Otherwise, it all worked seamlessly.

The Belkin app doesn't save the photo and video files to the usual place on the Apple device.

You need to review them individually and decide whether to save them or not.

The remote is made of cheap-looking but hardy-feeling plastic and isn't a bad deal at $47.90 on But I did find it strange that the iPod and iPhone, with all their technological marvels, weren't able to receive the signal directly to their own camera apps.

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