Me and my gadget - MacBook Pro

20:30, Aug 01 2012
ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE: Harley Ogier with his redoubtable 13-inch MacBook Pro.
ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE: Harley Ogier with his redoubtable 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Harley Ogier, reviews editor at NZ PC World, tells Chris Gardner why Apple's MacBook Pro is top of his tree. 

What's your favourite gadget?

My 13-inch MacBook Pro. I have the top-shelf model, from the first generation to use Intel Sandy Bridge (2nd generation Core i) processors - also the first generation that included a Thunderbolt port.

What do you mainly use it for?

Most of my hours on the MacBook are spent reading, with watching videos on YouTube as a close second. I don't have a TV at home, so anything I watch is either free content on the web, or on DVD. Either way, I watch it on that little 13-inch screen, usually perching the MacBook on the coffee table to do so.

If I write up a review at home, it is on the MacBook (in Microsoft Office). It is also my all-purpose web browser, Twitter and Facebook client, and occasionally used to cram web-sourced reading material onto my Kindle via USB. I do own a custom desktop PC, but the only thing I use that for, ever, is gaming.


What would you change to make it better?

I would love a dedicated GPU (graphics card), of a fairly decent spec. The 13-inch MBP series rely on Intel's HD Graphics engine, built right into the Sandy Bridge CPU. That is not sufficient to run any of my games, bar the graphically undemanding Dragon Age II on low visual-quality settings. And really, I cannot just play that one game forever.

If it could run the Mass Effect series, and perhaps The Sims 3, I would be happy as can be.

Well, almost. If I can defeat physics, knocking off half the weight would be nice too.

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