Review - Vue Sleeve

19:32, Aug 08 2012
Vue Sleeve
Vue Sleeve

Vue Sleeve

(Belkin, $39.95)

It may seem that manufacturers design things to break a week after the warranty expires, but that's certainly not the case with Belkin. The Los Angeles-based computer accessories maker has gone in the opposite direction and issued a lifetime warranty with its Vue Sleeve.

"Belkin does not offer refunds, credits or upgrades," a note on the package said. "Replacements are processed upon product availability."

The Vue Sleeve is a zipup carry case for a 10.2-inch netbook.

It feels a little rubbery, giving a feeling of security, and it's extremely flexible, too.

It has a double zip with teeth that are extremely closely spaced - you feel that your netbook is safe in there.

There's nowhere within the case for essentials such as power bricks and cables, although there is a semi-transparent stretchy pocket on the outside of the sleeve that zips down the middle. It's just big enough for your power brick and cables, but don't expect to fit anything else in there.

If you can live without such things for a day, the external pocket is ideal for small peripherals such as a mouse or USB flash drive.


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