Smart multisecurity solution

Keeping all the desktop, notebook and tablet computers in one house secure on the internet can be a challenge . . . and then there's smartphones.

Until fairly recently you would have needed to find different solutions for different devices. The desktop and notebook computers would have required different solutions to the tablet and the smartphone.

That is still the case with tablets and smartphones from Apple and running Windows Phone 7.5 but not those running Google's Android operating system.

With Norton 360 6.0 Premier Edition Everywhere offers protection for any combination of five computing devices including Windows and Apple Mac personal computers and Android tablets and smartphones.

I used optical disk drives to install Norton 360 6.0 Premier Edition Everywhere on five different Windows 7 Ultimate based PCs and took about five minutes on each so the whole job was done in about half an hour.

I popped the disk in the optical drive, clicked the Start application and selected Install Norton 360 Premier Edition before the User Account Control popped up and asked if I wanted to make changes. I clicked Yes, typed in the security key and hit Agree and Install. Norton 360 6.0 Premier Edition Everywhere searched the hard disk drive to check that another internet security application wasn't already installed. It removed it before the computer was restarted and installed the application and left a Norton Gadget on the computer's desktop.

I had to sign in to my Norton account before checking the Norton Gadget was glowing green which signified the application had updated virus definitions and inoculated the computers against known threats online.

The Norton Gadget is no different to previous versions of the tool. It gives one-click access to Norton's Cybercrime Index, which maps out where the latest internet security threats are around the world; Norton Management, through which you download another application which allows access all your devices from a web browser; Norton Mobile Security, for use on mobile devices; Online Family, which allows control and monitoring of what you do online; and Norton Safe Web, into which you type a website address to analyse for any security threats before you visit.

With all that built in Norton 360 6.0 Premier Edition Everywhere isn't very different to its predecessor. It has the same slick user interface as other editions of Norton 360 built around the latest internet security software.

Where it differs is the number of PCs you can install it on.