Review: A7 Laptop Messenger

19:21, Oct 31 2012
a7 Laptop Messenger
The A7 Laptop Messenger.

It's scratch resistant, protects against bumps and is weather resistant.

A7 Laptop Messenger

(Targus, $99.90)

Reviewed by Chris Gardner

"Pack lite, live long and travel far."

That's what's written inside the main compartment of the Targus A7 Laptop Messenger bag.


While it's hardly a selling point, it did make me smile.

When it comes to carrying my notebook computer around there's only really a couple of brands that I would trust with the job, and Targus is one of them.

This latest satchel-style bag in the Targus range is tailored for notebooks with 16-inch screens. The main compartment, which is protected by a flap, is zippered, which means it's almost impossible for your computer to fall out. And it uses Targus's Tri-Cell Cushion System which feels more than adequate to protect the machine against bumps and scratches. Targus says it's scratch resistant, protects against bumps and is weather resistant.

It sits alongside a similar-sized, less padded, compartment which contains a pair of pockets about large enough for CDs or DVDS. I found them just right for a Microsoft Arc Mouse folded in half and a micro-fibre cloth for wiping away all those annoying fingerprints, with room to spare for the likes of an e-book reader so long as it was protected in its own case.

There's also a much smaller front pocket for the likes of pens, business cards and a smaller device such as a smartphone or MP3 player and an almost hidden zippered pocket for the same sort of accoutrements.

It has a water and wear-resistant bottom, which should also help keep that computing equipment in tip-top condition.

That's not all. There are two more pockets. One on the back of the Targus A7 Messenger, secured by a Velcro strip, is thin enough for a USB keyboard and the zip-up one on the front for any other loose bits and pieces like USB flash drives.

It's all secured by Velcro and a couple of rucksack-style buckles.

One of the best features, the security conscious might think, is the tiny Targus logo on the bag that measures 40.64cmx8.89cmx31.12cm.

A bigger logo would be akin to painting a massive target on your bag for the thieves to notice.